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         Brian Garsson has thirty years of experience in software, professional services, and investing within multiple industry sectors. Mr. Garsson is both an operator and venture investor and has accelerated growth in enterprise software companies, SaaS companies, and service offerings with Fortune 1000 and government clients.

         As a Partner of Align Capital, Mr. Garsson has worked with the team to establish multiple technology funds. He has held numerous board observer positions, as well as strategic advisory roles within portfolio companies. Before Align Capital, Mr. Garsson was a Venture Partner for Cielo Private Equity. While there, Mr. Garsson worked with Ms. Harris and Mr. Farooq on the exit of Gravitant Inc to IBM. Prior to Cielo, Mr. Garsson successfully founded, operated, and exited Sense Corp, a management consulting and integration services firm. Mr. Garsson is an alumnus of Accenture, a global leader in information technology consulting.

         Mr. Garsson received his B.B.A. degree from the University of Texas at Austin.

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