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         Chris Urbina has over fifteen years of real estate and oil and gas investing experience. Mr. Urbina is responsible for a variety of duties in Align’s acquisition, underwriting and asset management operations.


         Prior to joining Align, Mr. Urbina was an Associate at Cielo Private Equity where he performed various back office tasks, supported the front office and investor relations, and managed a team of interns. Prior to joining Cielo Private Equity, Mr. Urbina was the Senior Analyst and founder member of ForeVista, LLC, a real estate and oil and gas consulting firm, which provided asset acquisition, development and management, exit strategies, investor reporting, and consulting services to various entities, including Fortune 500 companies and municipalities. While at ForeVista, Mr. Urbina helped place and manage over $150 million of assets, ranging from energy infrastructure, national restaurant concepts, real estate development portfolios, and brownfield development companies. Before joining ForeVista Mr. Urbina was a Geologist at Intera, Inc.


         Mr. Urbina holds a BS from the Jackson School of Geosciences at the University of Texas at Austin.

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