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            Previously, Mohammed Farooq was the manager of the IBM Brokerage Services Business Unit and managed the development and delivery of IBM's Multi-Cloud Management platform as a SaaS enabled managed service. As a cross IBM initiative, Mr. Farooq was driving the integrated multi-cloud management stack strategy and development across IBM's GTS, Cognitive Software and Redhat's portfolio of offerings including RHOS, RH Operator Framework and ANSIBLE tower. Mr. Farooq was working with IBM GTS's global clients to transform their operating model to Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Architecture and Ecosystems.

            Before this role, Mr. Farooq was the Chairman and CEO of Gravitant, a leading Enterprise Cloud Services Broker software company. He has been in the IT industry for more than 18 years, with experience both as a buyer, operator and a provider of enterprise IT software and services.

Before Gravitant, Mr. Farooq was Chief Technology Officer for the State of Texas (2004-2010) managing a five billion dollar bi-annual IT budget. At Texas, Mr. Farooq transformed state Enterprise IT by consolidating more than 30 state data centers and an 1,800 application portfolio to an Enterprise Shared Services operating model with a MSI (Master Service Integrator) and multi-sourced ITO providers including IBM, Capgemini, Xerox, Accenture and Unisys.

            As Gravitant’s CEO, he’s partnered with Texas CIO (2010-2013) to transform MSI/ITO to a cloud service broker model by introducing Amazon, Rackspace and Microsoft into the ITO provider mix and changing the Enterprise IT and CIO’s role to that of a broker. Mr. Farooq operationalized industry’s first on-demand Hybrid IT operations platform with a Service Store for consumption, digitized and industrialized cloud services supply chain for continuous delivery. The program delivered 30-50% savings in infra and operations costs with a 5-10X improvement in time to delivery.

            Since then Mr. Farooq has partnered with private industry CIO’s, CTO’s and Large SI’s and ITO providers to transform Enterprise IT to a Hybrid IT operating model and help them take on a role of a IT Service Broker. This has resulted in creating new IT industry business and economic models that are primary driven by consumption economics and industrialized multi-sourced IT supply chains. 

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